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The questions and answers below are sorted based on how common each question.

Q: When i click the HD button on the video player nothing happen, what should i do to watch in HD quality?
A: The videos are on HD by default so this button is useless, it will only work if we had the movies in standard by default with the HD option.

Q: You said that SotwesooraHD is the highest quality available on the net, but yet there are movies with poorer quality than others, Why?
A: There are three types of movies we get, DVD VCD and TV Broadcast, the newer movies are DVD formats therefore the quality is great, the older movies were only produced in VCD format which is equal to VHS quality that is why the quality varies, TV Broadcast also varies depending on the original quality of the movie itself.

Q: You said that you have the fastest connection but sometimes your movies keep cutting off and streaming is interrupted, Why is that?
A: Our movies are hosted in state of the art Data centers, and each server is only used to a maximum of two thirds of its capacity on the hardware level and the connection, to insure fast uninterrupted streaming, most of the time the slow connection is from your ISP or some where in the rout between your location and our server that is playing your movie.
Sometimes the interrupted streaming is caused by your computer itself, many people will have other software programs running in the back ground while using SotwesooraHD, that uses resources on your computer and slows down your connection with the movies.

Q: When I watch movies on my laptop the movie take longer time to start and gets interrupted sometimes, but my desktop works fine, Why? and what should I do?
A: Desk tops usually have more Ram than Laptops, our movies' bit rate settings are 900 to 1200 Mbps and that requires at least  .5GB of ram free to buffer so it plays continuously, if your computer does not have enough Ram free it will take longer time for the movie to buffer, and might cause the movie to interrupt frequently. you can free some more ram on your computer by exiting some unused programs that are running in the back ground while watching.

Q: some of the TV series and movies do not play, they do not even show a player?
A: Most of the movies on the SotwesooraHD are in flv format just like Youtube, but we also use another format (DivX) when you do not see the player it means that you need to install the DivX plugin for your browser to be able to watch, to get that click this link

Q: I installed DivX and it does not work! why?
A: if you are using Windows you need to enable the Active X controller on your browser, when your movie page opens, you will see a yellow bar drop on the top of your page asking you to enable Active X.

Q: I want to subscribe for one month only, but i am afraid that you will automatically charge my card every month, what do I do?
A: When you subscribe with us there is an option to choose how many months you want to subscribe for, just choose one month, if you do more, then our system will charge you every month at the same time, for the number of month you choose.

Q: I subscribed for 6 month but I want to cancel on my 3rd month what do I do?
A: Even though you have chosen 6 month you can cancel at anytime the 1st, 2nd, 3rd  Paypal will send you an email before the charge takes place, so you can cancel from there, by simply refusing the charge. you can also contact us at
support@sotwesoorahd.tv and we will gladly cancel your subscription.

Q: I joined  the site after I saw some of the movie previews you have, but when I tried to watch some of these movies after i made my payment I could not find them :(  did I get cheated?
A: No you did not :)! It clearly says on our terms that some of the movies are previews only! because they have not been released to us yet. The best way to know what new movies are available on the SotwesooraHD and what are not yet available, is by going to the new releases page, there is a link on the main page located under the preview video, or you can click the Media tab on the top of any page on the site, then click on the New Releases link. you can also view this page from this link:

Q: It says I can download movies from SotwesooraHD but some movies do not have the download link, especially the new releases, Why?
A: Downloading new releases is not allowed, until they are available on some TV channels, when they do, we change their stats from new releases to the category they belong to example: Comedy Drama Action  ...etc. then they are available for download.

Q: There are many sites on the net that offer movies for free, including your other site www.sotwesoora.tv Why do I have to pay SotwesooraHD to watch movies?
A: You do not have to, unless you enjoy High Quality movies, and enjoy watching the newest movies available, you pay SotwesooraHD because we pay for the movies, and we pay to host these movies on state of the art servers to back up our claim of high quality and fast streaming. Free sites do not pay for the movies, and they do not pay for hosting the movies and most of all they cannot match our quality speed stability and they cannot get new movies before we do.

More Answers will be added here as soon as we get more questions, if you have a question that is not answered here, please contact our support: support@sotwesoorahd.tv