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Terms Of Use

There are four types of memberships available on SotwesooraHD
1-Free Membership, with this membership you will only be able to browse other members watch Sample movies, movie previes and trailer and the free channel, see what movies are available on the SotwesooraHD however you will not be able to watch anything else, unless you upgrade to paid membership.
2-Paid membership, now available in three levels:
Gold Member:
A monthly subscription, with this membership you get access to all movies on the site but Gold Membership cannot does not have the privileges to watch TV Channels and TV Series.
Diamond Membership:
A monthly subscription, in Addition to Movies you can watch TV Channels and TV Series too.
A yearly subscription, the same as Diamond Membership but cheaper because the member is paying for one year in advance.
Please refer to Membership Types page for more details.
All memberships are subject to review by our administrative team, SotwesooraHD has the right to refuse, delete, ban, or deny membership from anyone, including paid members with or without reason or notice, paying members will be refunded instantly if their membership is denied for any reason, except the reason of not complying with SotwesooraHD’s terms.
As a paid member you do not have any obligation with the site, and you can cancel your membership at anytime, however there will be
absolutely no refunds, except if you have canceled your subscription and the system mistakenly charged you for the following month after you have canceled.
So if you want to cancel you simply do not renew your membership.
If you have subscribed for more than one month and after three weeks for example,  you decided you want to cancel, just send us an email and we will stop the subscription for the the coming month, but you will be able to finish the present month that you have paid for because you will not get a prorated refund.

Members Actions:
SotwesooraHD does tolerate any of the following action, and anyone that does not comply with the list below will be banned from this site immediately and for ever.

1-Members are not allowed to solicit anything from or with other members.
2-Members are not allowed to advertise on SotwesooraHD by any means, not to other members, in comments, or blogs.
3-Members are not allowed to give or share their username ore password to/with any one else to use, if you are logged in from more than one IP at the same time our system will FREEZE your membership.
4-Members have all the right to comment on any media file on the site without using any bad language.
5-Members are not allowed to use any bad language on any other Nationality, Religion, Persons or Actors by name.
6-Comment area under each movie is made for comments on this particular movie so members are not allowed to use this area for anything other than that.

Movie Files, Quality and Formats :
Movies on the site are categorized by Type (Action, Comedy ...etc) Some of these categories are Previews and Trailers of new upcoming movies, so if you click on a movie to watch and you find out that it is the preview! This means that we do have have the full movie on the site and you will find it in the proper category, but if you click a movie and you see the trailer only!! This means that
IT IS A Trailer and this movie is not available on video yet!! because it is still playing in the cinema!! Therefore we do not have it on the site.
This also means that your membership is still the same and you are able to watch any video file on the site but you just happen to click on a movie trailer. If you created a membership because you saw a new movie, then when you paid and clicked that movie, you found out that it is only a trailer, you will not have the right for a refund, and please do not ask!! you should have read these terms before you pay for a membership, and you will have to agree on these terms prior to making a payment.
To know what is a full movie and what is a trailer, check the media link on the top of any page, and then look at the Trailer category and compare it to the New Releases category.
You can check by clicking this link:  http://www.sotwesoorahd.tv/category_list/
Some movies come to us in bad quality, we try our best to fix that before showing them on SotwesooraHD.
Sometimes we get better copies at later times,  when we do, we usually replace the bad copy immediately.
It depends on the movies distributing companies in Egypt!! Some movies are produced on DVD and that you can in movies like: Elgezeera, Asef 3ala Alez3ag, Elrayes Omar 7arb, Cabaret, and many more!
Some movies are only produced on VCD, VCD is exactly like VHS but on a CD, they do that because it is cheaper, and they do not think people will pay for the DVD!!
We still get you the movie, but the quality is not as good as the DVD ones, This does not mean that we tricked you to sign in, it means that is the only available format, you can see examples in the samples area, we recommend that you check them before you make your payment,
To check the samples: click this link:  http://www.sotwesoorahd.tv/c/6/Sample%20Movies/

SotwesooraHD Team do not know when a specific movie will be available, but as a member you need to be sure that we will have this movie showing on the SotwesooraHD as soon as it is available in the market.
Some movies will not be available for Download! This could be due to format issues, or simply our team decided so. In most cases the movie will be available for download at a later time known only to SotwesoorsHD team and their concent.
Download is an extra service we offer to our members and is not a part of your membership, your membership is to watch movies online only.

Some movies will not be available for iPhones, this will be due the following reasons:
1- The movie is not very popular
2- The movie quality is very bad when it is compressed for iPhone
3- The video file is to large to be compressed for iPhone.
We will be glad to make it available for iphone if more than 5 members request that.

Most of the movie files on the site are in FLV format, 99% of browsers and operating systems support that including some gaming machines like PS3, sometimes due to quality issues or file sizes, we show some movies in a different format, like WMV, this format is supported by almost every browser and operating system as well, finally, DivX format, it is also supported by all operating systems and browsers. we are happy to offer you tech support on any issues with PC or Mac, but we do not support gaming devices, if you are using PS3 for example and cannot watch a movie! try using your computer instead, or contact the device maker.

Download Of Files:
SotwesoorHD has the full right to enable or disable download of any or all files (Movies) on it's servers, at the discretion of it's administrator, and at any given time with out notice.
If download is enabled for member, it is intended for the members personal use ONLY.
Any member found redistributing any of our files will be banned without notice and without refund, and will be subject to severe legal actions.
The membership on SotwesooraHD is intended for viewing the movies online only, not to download the movies, Download is an extra complementary service that we offer when ever we decide to.

Site Availabilty:
We try very hard to keep SotwesoorHD available online 100% of he time, although sometimes we will need to perform some important updates, or backups that would cause the site to be offline some times. We apologies in advance for this. Some out of our control network issues could cause the site to be unavailable for sometime also!
If you see the site's logo and a message from our team, it means that we are performing some work and we will be back shortly.
If you get a message from your browser saying cannot find page! This means it is an issue out of our control. Usually and network problem.
If you can see the site but movies do not load or are slow, although your internet connection is fiber optic fast!! it means that the rout of your IPS from your location to our movie servers is having some network issues.
In any situation,  SotwesooraHD is NOT responsible for offline time and will cancel or refund any one for such reasons.

Our support team is available 7 days a week, for your convenience. from 8:00am to 9:00pm USA Pacific Standard Time.
Phone support is also available 8:00am to 8:00pm Mon - Fri USA Pacific standard time
626 415-8335
We try very hard to answer your support issues in less than 24 hours, usually with in 2 to 3 hours, how ever that is not guaranteed, as we might have high number of support issues times.
Our members should be sure that we will get to their issue, with in less than 48 hours.
To insure a fast support reply, you need to direct support issues to our
support@sotwesoorahd.tv  it is faster because there are more support staff available for email than for phone.
Do not post a comment on the admin's profile or on a movie page with a support issue! if for any reason you have difficulty sending your support issue to our support email,  you can send an email to the Admin's profile from your member account.

Because we offer instant service, there will be
absolutely no refund for a membership fee, that is why we offer free sample videos for you to decide if you want to continue with a subscription or not, there will be no exceptions other than what is indicated above.
If you still think you deserve a refund you have the right to contact us and discuss your issue and we will determine if we will accept your claim or not, if you make a claim directly to paypal without contacting us first, we will deny it! And we will win the claim with paypal!
SotwesooraHD will consider this action from you,  as an abuse to our terms. SotwesooraHD then will have the right to either cancel your account without refund, or drop your member level or ban you from accessing the site.